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In 1923, the Twin Cities were booming and the impact of the automobile

on the urban landscape was changing the face of metropolitan transportation

forever. It was in this year and environment that Loop Parking Company

was founded in Minneapolis. Since that time, the company has continuously

been engaged in operating parking facilities of all types. Currently, it is

involved in the management of fifteen facilities in Minneapolis, St. Paul

and Uptown containing 6,000 parking spaces, employing over 100 people

and parking more than 3,000,000 vehicles per year. The company prides

itself on its reputation for providing excellent management services with an

emphasis on customer satisfaction and profitability.

Loop Parking Company has operated parking ramps and parking lots

employing a wide variety of equipment and methodology. The company

was the first in Minneapolis to utilize fully automated parking equipment

in 1958, and has remained at the forefront of technological advance.

This includes such items as the first local installation of the Amano Total

Revenue Control System, the first local installation of the Cincinnati Magnetic

Read System, installation of the DynaCount and DynaPark Facility Control

Systems, development of tandem cashiering to allow two cashiering stations

in a single lane with revenue control, and installation of the first automatic

paystation in Minneapolis. In 1988, Loop Parking Company developed

and installed a system of single motion safety alarms. This system was

eventually adopted by the Parking Advisory Committee for standard use in

parking ramps in the City of Minneapolis.

Loop Parking Company utilizes a highly skilled management team to direct

the activities at all the facilities it manages. This team of ownership and upper

management closely monitors all facets of the operation, from personnel to

planning to internal control. It establishes the philosophy in conjunction with

representatives of the facility ownership and implements the resulting

decisions. The primary objectives are customer satisfaction and the

maximization of net income.



Driven to Succeed–

Growing with the Twin Cities for almost 90 years.


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